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Customer Service AI Chatbot In Business

A bit like artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots now occupy an undeniable place in marketing strategy. Thanks to them, the customer can communicate with a brand without necessarily speaking to a human being. They help boost the sales of your business. Almost 80% widespread in business today, you can easily assume what the benefits would be. However, this article will take care of re-introducing you to the positives of a chatbot for your business.


What Is A Chatbot?

The word chatbot is an English word that is divided into two parts. First, you have a chat, which means chat, and then the word bot, which means robot. Thus, the chatbot is an online discussion with a robot. He is a conversational agent who is able to chat with customers or potential customers (prospects) like a human being.

If you did not know, the chatbot did not see the light of day with the Facebook chatbot on Messenger. Indeed, the chatbot already existed long before on the web before becoming widespread and experiencing such success.


The Advantages of A Chatbot For Your Business


1) Automation of customer service

The advantage of a chatbot in a company is that it allows users to find adequate answers to questions or to find specific information. In the event that the customer’s problem cannot be resolved by the chatbot, the latter will redirect him to the appropriate service for the resolution of his problem.

An AI chatbot can also be part of the customer’s reception logic. Thus, through various questions that will be asked to the user, he will be directed to the FAQ or the appropriate online service. Your employees are, therefore, free enough to go about other occupations, occupations that allow you to add value to your business.


2) The chatbot is available at all times

As we tell you at the beginning of the article, the chatbot is an online robot. Therefore, he cannot suffer fatigue like a human being. Once the customer has asked their question, the chatbot automatically answers them. Here, no queues, no response times that can seem to drag on. Everything is done automatically, day and night.


3) Boosting sales

Having a chatbot in your business allows you to simplify your sales and improve customer experience. In fact, through your chatbot, customers no longer need to go to your website or call you before obtaining your products. All they need to do is talk to your chatbot about what they expect, and they are automatically served. It is even possible for the chatbot to offer your customers or prospects products that are likely to interest them. Additional sales may be recorded by the company.


4) The chatbot takes care of payment

It is now possible for a chatbot to integrate the different payment processes into its operation. For your business, this makes the sales process easier and very quick. The customer no longer needs to be redirected before finalizing their purchase. He stays on your page via the chatbot and pays. It’s quite convenient.


5) No stress

In a business, customer service is not an easy task. Under stress, shortcomings can occur. He may even have altercations with disgruntled customers who will keep getting on his nerves. By adopting a chatbot, these problems do not arise since the robot is devoid of any emotion. So there is no reason to stress. At all times, the chatbot will be able to offer courteous responses to customers with the greatest of courtesy. At no time will you see a chatbot feeling stress.


DeAnna McIntosh is a trend-setting, results-driven Retail Business Coach and Consultant with 16+ years of experience helping brands drive sales, conversion, productivity, innovation, and engagement (10 of those years being inside Fortune-ranked Retailers). Work directly with her via www.deannamcintosh.com.

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