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Spring 2019 High Point Market Recap

I attended Spring 2019 High Point Market as an inspiration + buying trip for a few clients, and overall, not much jumped out at me since my October 2018 visit.  What my trip did confirm was that my merchandising strategies for our clients were right in line with the market, and in many cases, actually ahead of the trend.

I made a presentation after my 2018 visit to High Point Trade Show showing the innovation and newness that I saw, as well as the 2020 Color Forecast and 2020 Trend Forecast.  The presentation can definitely still be used as inspiration / still applies, and you can see below!


The major emergence I noticed at High Point since my last visit was artisan and natural materials.  Everyone had their own iteration of what that meant to their brand.  The trend was infused across all product categories – furniture, lighting, rugs, accent decor, and more.

A design influencer coined it best as, “Artisan Is The New Luxury”.


Here were some popular materials, styles, and finishes I saw at the trade show:

  • Less machine, more hand crafted designs
  • Warm nature inspired elements combined with cool materials such as metal and glass
  • Grey is gone, but it is accepted as the main element such as concrete and cold painted ceramic
  • Warm finishes and materials are hot and on trend, including aged brass and multiple tones of browns
  • Rattan, bamboo, and leather are popular elements used to achieve an earthy vibe
  • Both traditional and modern farmhouse, coastal, refined urban industrial, traditional renovated, modern and contemporary are very popular styles
  • Green, blue, white, and orange tones are common in interior spaces
  • Traditional patterns are used in a new artistic and fresh way
  • Fresh, clean traditional style is coming back
  • Combination of hard and soft materials add acceptable visual tension to designs
  • Large statement fixtures often used in interior spaces
  • Dark (mostly matte) including bleached and weathered finishes is a tendency
  • Edison, tubular, and globe vintage bulbs are very popular
  • Reclaimed Wood are popular on both lighting and furniture
  • Antique brass and matte gold finishes are popular on lighting fixtures and coffee tables/ side tables in transitional interior setting
  • Combination of textured metal (Shagreen texture look-alike) and smooth surface metal.


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