The Affinity Group International is a Retail Merchandising + Branding Agency Building Magnetizing Brands and Retail Destinations.

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About Us

Branding is Not a Logo, It's a Lifestyle.

We break the silo mentality about branding. Meaning, let's be honest - you can absolutely purchase a logo from a site like Fiverr for $5. You can do the same and find different low-cost providers for your website, stationery, and frankly anything else you need, but at the end of it all, will you have a cohesive look? Will your design be original? Will your design be based on in-depth research of your industry and competitors? The answer to those questions is a resounding NO, that we've heard so many times. Cohesive branding is critical to creating a strong brand and transforming your brand into a lifestyle authority. Working with us guarantees brand cohesiveness (we will manage all your projects in house), on trend content and styling (creative direction is included), and purposeful decision making (no decision is made without a strategic plan).

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Original Design

We Choose Originality. Nothing Else Will Ever Do.

From a customer's perspective - with so many companies and vendors available at a moment's grasp, how could they possibly choose? From a business's perspective, how can you differentiate yourself from your industry peers? Originality. Our designs and strategic plans are a powerful combination of your vision + research of your industry and competition + innovation + sustainability.

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Here For You

We Are An Extension Of Your Team.

We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of being in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship is having to ``do it all`` when you know that you can't truly ``do it all``. We understand that once your business is established, the next challenging aspect is knowing when to scale your business and how. We understand that once your business has grown exponentially, the next challenging aspect is how to break through what seems to be a plateau, and find new ways to grow your business. We Hear You, and We're Here for You. We seamlessly integrate onto your team and empower you to make strategic decisions to drive results for your business.

Driven by Passion.  Fueled by Visionaries Like You.

Our services and products are tailored and curated for your specific needs to help you exceed your business goals and amplify your voice in the marketplace.   Our clients are primarily in the fashion, events, beauty, retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods industries but we serve clients in any industry.  Here are some companies we have had the pleasure of serving.

We’d Love To Add Your Name To This List Of Thriving Businesses.

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Make Your Move

Invest In Yourself. You're Worth It.

One thing that you should never second guess is investing in yourself. Whether that means purchasing e-books or e-courses, attending conferences, or hiring staff with the expertise needed to level up your business. Taking the first step is the hardest part, but once you do, you will be full steam ahead with no looking back. Our Brand Strategists are excited to cultivate a relationship with you, contribute to your success and longevity, and ultimately, help you achieve brand affinity with your customers.

Let’s Build Your Empire Together.