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Now is a better time than ever to launch a product line.

Our Retail Consultants guide Retail and E-commerce startup founders through the entire process to launch a product line – from concept to cash flow.

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The retail business is constantly evolving.  The headlines about large companies downsizing or going out of business seem to be rampant.  However, the small business community is stronger than ever.

The difference between brands that resonate and brands that fade away is strategy + innovation.  Launch a product with sales-driving strategies and processes that large corporate businesses utilize – giving you a competitive edge and a resounding presence in a seemingly overcrowded market.  We also ensure that innovation is thread throughout your operations and in the core of your DNA to ensure that you are a brand that resonates throughout the years.

The future of retail is YOU.

Retail and E-commerce Founders save time, money, stress, and runaround by working with our Retail Experts for a flawless product launch.  Launch your brand startup team having a solid foundation, upon which you will continue to build sustainable growth.

Be light-years ahead of your competition with a strong brand presence, corporate level organizational structure and processes, and the mindset of a sales-driving retail merchant from day one.

We guide you from idea to household name.

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Your Product Launch Process

The Overview



Define your brand concept and messaging and create your brand identity



Complete your comprehensive business plan with detailed financial projections



Begin your product design + development process with a product sourcing trip



Establish processes and systems that you will utilize daily to run your business and drive sales


Launch Planning

Design your launch strategy and entice customers to begin building brand affinity

Your Product Launch Process

Click Each Topic For The Details

01 Ideation

Brand Concept

We truly drill down to your vision for the brand.  We will define who your brand is – what is your brand persona?  Who is your target customer?  Where does that customer live, work, play, their hobbies, discretionary income, etc?  What are key words that describe your brand?  Who are your competitors?  The full picture is created here.

Brand Strategy

Once concepting is complete, we will develop a brand strategy unique to you. We’ll present what we feel the promise is that you need to communicate and suggest tactics for how it can be expressed throughout your business operations. We will work with you to create a name for the brand and develop tagline and messaging, and design an inspirational moodboard.

Brand Identity

Using the brand strategy, our designers will move into interpreting your brand characteristics in a more visual way. We will provide:

  • Logo design (will provide 3 concepts and 2 revision rounds after concept direction is chosen)
  • Brand colors and fonts
  • Business card design (will provide 3 concepts and 2 revision rounds after concept direction is chosen)

We’ll then develop brand guidelines for you. This is your handbook for how to properly express your brand: where and how to use the logo, colors, fonts and just as importantly, how NOT to use them, in order to consistently communicate your message.

Our designers can design other branding assets such as hang tags, package design, promotional inserts, etc. for an additional fee.

02 Foundation

Business Plan Creation

We will craft your comprehensive business plan that clearly outlines every aspect of your business operations, and is specific to the retail industry. This is not a generic business plan.

Financial Statements + Projections

To complete the business plan, we will create your 3 or 5 years Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet.  In addition to these high level documents, we will have itemized expense and revenue projections broken down to the penny.  You will have a clear picture of the funding you will need to bring your vision to life.

03 Merchandising

Merchandise Planning

Before you purchase merchandise or materials, you must have a financial plan and inventory strategy in place.  This involves establishing your sales and gross margin plan by year / month / week, for every item currently in your line and future items you want to bring in. Without this plan, you will not know how much inventory you need to purchase and sell to hit your goals, and will not be able to make revenue-driven decisions.

Product Sourcing

Designing the perfect products is not an easy feat.  We will help you design and source materials / products that fit your target clientele’s desires, consult with you on negotiating terms with the vendors, make sure that you’re designing enough items to hit your sales plans. Every design you make should be based on your sales history and where the industry is trending.  We will even accompany you to a trade show or factory within the US to help you navigate and to help execute our strategic plan.  Travel outside the US will be at an additional cost.

Product Attributing

A critical part of analyzing your sales is establishing attributes for your assortment: Style, Trends, Price bands, Design Details, Fabrics, Textures, Colors, Finishes, Sleeve Length, and the list continues.  The more attributes your products have, the deeper you can dig into their selling and the smarter your decisions become.  We will help you establish attributes for all of your products.

Assortment Optimization

We will work with you to ensure you have the right product mix to hit your sales goals, that your merchandise is priced right, and that your shop is optimized for sales.  This involves ensuring that you are developing updates to your best sellers, and chasing emerging trends.

Trend and Design Advising

Businesses like yours with an in-house design team require full product lifecycle management, from design to sample making to technical fittings, to landing the products in your warehouse.  We consult with you on what’s trending in your industry, the “must haves” for your new collection, and provide feedback on design concepts and samples.  We will even accompany you to the factories to see the samples in person.

E-commerce Website Design

In today’s retail landscape, if you have a brick and mortar boutique, it’s a non-negotiable to also have an e-commerce website.  There are many reasons why, with one of the most important being that it’s an additional way to move your inventory.  Our designers will craft a website that speaks to your brand + magnetizes your customers.

04 Operations

Human Resources

We will review different staffing scenarios and create your employee manual and company policies.

Merchandising Policies & Logistics

We will begin planning out the back end of your operations.  We will establish your:

  • Return / exchange policy
  • Damage / defective policy
  • Order fulfillment process
  • Quality control process
  • Customer service strategy
  • UPC barcodes, define pack sizes
  • How you will offer your merchandise to retailers (dropship, consignment, stock)
Sales Strategy for Brands

We will set up processes for:

  • Wholesale Account Management – how someone applies to become a retailer with you
  • Sales Representation – how and who will facilitate the sales process
  • Avenues for sales – what channels your product will be sold, for example, trade shows, pop up shops

05 Launch Planning

Project Management

Together we will map out the process for launching your new product from start to finish and bring the launch to life. We will be your project managers, ensuring all tasks are outlined with deadlines and milestones, which rolls up into your master Gantt chart, enabling you to immediately see the status of your launch at any given time. We will play a key role in executing the marketing of your line / shop to the public, ensuring that you have all marketing materials in place to be successful.

Systems + Processes

We empower you to take control over your business output through creating and streamlining business processes and systems,  and creating project plans.  We will explore technology solutions like POS systems, printers, appointment schedulers, order processing systems, and more.

Marketing Management

Every season, you have a gut feeling on what your top sellers in your line will be.  Together we will predict which items those will be and create marketing and promotional campaigns around them.  We will also create brand campaigns and strategize innovative ways to reach your target clientele.

Together we will create:

  • Annual Promotional Calendar which will outline holidays, high level brand messaging
  • Photo Shoot Production plan
  • Social Media calendar for the year
All Hands On Deck

Your Retail Consultant will be on site with you for the 3 days prior to the launch to help ensure its success!  Travel expense is included in your investment (for U.S. based clients).

Launch your product line today.  Schedule a consultation.

Included in Your Investment for Retail Consulting and Branding Design Services to Launch A Product Line:

Dedicated Retail Consultant

You will have a Retail Expert leading your launch who is readily available to you via email, phone, and text

Retail Business Blueprint

Your comprehensive business + launch plan with financial projections - written from a corporate retail perspective

Trade Show Sourcing Trip

You and your Retail Consultant will travel to one trade show within the U.S. to source products and supplies. (Travel outside the U.S. for an additional fee)

In-person Launch Execution

Your Retail Consultant will travel to be on-site with you for the 3 days leading up to your business launch to ensure it is executed flawlessly and how you envision

Financing is Extended to Our Clients through Behalf and National Corporate Credit

The Future of Retail Is You

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