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DeAnna McIntosh is a driven, entrepreneurial, and creative brand and retail strategist with a strong eye for design, and over 13 years of progressive experience in merchandising, marketing, and event management.

The Passion

Impact Over Income

I was recently asked, “What is your ultimate goal in life. What makes you happy”? What a loaded question right? It makes you dig deep and truly take a big picture look at your life. What you’ve accomplished thus far, and what it all had in common. My response to that question? Serving People. No matter what I’ve done in my life, big or small, personally or professionally, it always points back to serving people – and this mission radiates through this company. We are about creating personal connections and making an impact not only on our clients’ businesses, but their lives. For me, this translates to ``Impact over Income``. I look forward to building a partnership with you!

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Founder & Chief Global Strategist

DeAnna McIntosh

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During an interview with Voyage ATL, DeAnna explains how this company began, what drives her, and why we are so passionate about the work that we do, as Retail Strategists.

Insight Into Her Expertise.

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Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods towards people. — Morris Hite
Career Highlight: Driving an incremental $1M over the prior year through the launch of the No Iron Linen Program

In the buying roles I have held, I facilitated the profitability of $1B of merchandise by being consistent, accurate, creative, organized, and analytical. The fast-paced environment required my full attention and focus to capture every detail of our day to day operations. I was responsible for the entire lifecycle of the merchandise – organizing and coordinating the merchandise from selecting and approving color swatches, fabrics, and patterns to strategizing the sales and unit volume to visual merchandising to the logistics of landing it in stores. Working alongside my financial planner was a critical piece in being a buyer to ensure that I hit my sales, margin, and turn goals and also to keep tight control over my open to buy.

Skills Utilized:

Assortment Buying & Planning 0
Merchandise Coordination 0
Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Access, Word, Powerpoint, Dynamics, One Note 0
Trade Shows & Markets 0
Visual Merchandising 0
Marketing & Promotional Strategy 0
Financial Analysis & Reporting: SAP / SQL / Mainframe / Business Explorer 0
A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another — Seth Godin
Career Highlight: Production of national TV and print commercials and Influencer pieces

For a national US retailer, I was the project manager for all monthly catalogs, TV commercials and Print Ads, and any additional special projects. I managed the entire catalog and advertising process, from the creation and initial selection and styling of looks, to traveling to the photo shoots to work with art directors and stylists to ensure our brand aesthetic is upheld. I worked closely with the team on scouting shooting locations, selecting the models, and was present for every shot as the photographer’s right hand. The majority of this position was about attention to detail and coordination of many teams, documents, products, and meetings. In all roles I have had, I was responsible for merchandising my products inside both the stores and on the web.

Skills Utilized:

Merchandise Coordination 0
Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint 0
Art Direction 0
Photo Shoot Production 0
Domestic & International Travel 0
Customer experience is the new advertising department. — Max Kalehoff, CMO, Socialcode
Career Highlight: Saved a national US retailer $4 million dollars in excess inventory by coordinating re-opening of expired buybacks of over 5,000 skus

I was a Strategic Liaison between numerous teams within an organization: Merchandising, Marketing, Finance, Event Planning, Store Operations, Public Relations, and Promotions teams to facilitate the completion of special projects on time, accurately, and optimizing them for maximum profitability. I drastically boosted merchant efficiency by 40% through the creation of an ad management process, enabling them to align earlier on financials and make strategic and focused decisions to drive insert sales. I conducted extensive travel to trade shows nationwide to source trending items to enhance the product assortment.

Skills Utilized:

Industry Research 0
Strategy Development 0
Domestic and International Travel 0
Project Management 0
Financial Analysis & Reporting: SAP / SQL / Mainframe / Business Explorer 0
Every event provides an experience. The key is to partner with events that provide an experience people will associate positively with your brand and further characterizes and adds depth to your brand. — Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, Inc.
Career Highlight: Successful creation, coordination, marketing and production of the February 2017 The Bridal & Event Show, hosting over 250 attendees in North Miami Beach, Florida.

In this role I spearhead the entire sales process, from the initial contact to negotiating and executing the contracts, and on site coordination. I am the creative director and content manager for our event websites, social media pages, and advertising. I control the budget and profitability for each event and understand the experiential elements needed to drive a successful event ROI.

Skills Utilized:

Event Design 0
Trade Show Management 0
Supply Chain & Logistics 0
Google Analytics & Adwords 0
Advertising & Media Buying: Magazines, Newspapers, Social Media, Blogs 0
Budget Management 0

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