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Launch Party: The Scarlett Collection | Atlanta, GA

  |    |    |  Launch Party: The Scarlett Collection | Atlanta, GA

We designed & executed the Marketing and PR strategy for the Scarlett Collection Launch Party at the gorgeous St. Regis Buckhead, which had over 100 event industry professionals in attendance and was published in Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta.

Strategic Elements of our Launch Events:

1) Brand Amplification Design:

Effective marketing involves strategic placement of your brand throughout your event in unexpected ways. We will give you suggestions on items to purchase / things to do before, during, and/or after the event to amplify your brand and your message. Think hand painted thank you cards left in attendee’s cars, custom labeled candles in the bathrooms, custom monogram on the wall vs. the typical swag bag.

2) Sponsorship Acquisition & Success Management

Our graphic designer will create a one – page sponsorship document which will incorporate the event details, images provided by you, our contact information (if you would like us to manage correspondence), benefits of sponsorship, and pricing (if applicable). We will also provide you with a list of our key sponsorship targets, and included in this is us reaching out to them on your behalf and managing that relationship, so that they will continue to sponsor future events that you have!

3) Database Compilation of Potential Attendees, Media, and Influencers

We will create a database with potential event attendees, media, and influencers’ contact information, and we will give you this database for future use! This gives you a list of potential partnerships, collaborations, media contacts, and revenue generators at your fingertips to use at your disposal after the event.

4) Press Release Creation & Distribution

A Press Release is critical in garnering maximum media exposure. The press release is what is sent to media and publications to vie for an article, shout out, highlight in their publication.We will create the press release for your event and make any updates to sponsors, event details, etc. as necessary. We will then send out the press release to media and continuously follow up for coverage.

5) Attendee Outreach

We will send Save-the-Dates (either electronically via a vehicle like Paperless Post, mailchimp or similar software, or via individual email – your preference). We will next send the actual invitation to them, and then follow up with a final reminder of the event.  We reach out via various vehicles, including, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, in person.  We will also run advertising campaigns on your behalf.

6) Marketing & PR Timeline

We provide an event timeline exclusively for our Marketing and PR related tasks.

7) Media Confirmation

Prior to the event, we are in touch with the media who have RSVP’d to confirm their attendance, and see if there is any way we can make their jobs easier in covering the event.

8) On-Site Media Concierge

We will accompany you to the final venue inspection, confirm the media and influencer attendees, create a day-of timeline exclusively for marketing and PR, and will be on-site prior to the event to assist you with anything you may need, on-site during the event to check in media attendees and serve as their concierge, and will stay on-site up to 2 hours after the event to assist you with anything you may need.


Event Images by Kelley Raye and Design by Scarlett Events