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We Are The Team Propelling Retail Forward

We Are A

Forward-thinking, Innovative, Solution-driven, Transformational

Retail Consulting Firm

What We Believe

We believe that
retail is not dead

Lack of a financial plan, merchandising strategy, innovation, and diversity is.

In reality, the coronavirus sped up the inevitable.  Large chains that should have downsized years ago are being forced to, are filing for bankruptcy, and unfortunately, even closing their doors for good.  There’s a craving for shopping local goods.  Companies are seeing the importance of developing domestic supply chains.

In this rapidly – changing retail environment, it is critical that you have a Retail Consulting partner who empowers your brands and retailers with the tools, strategies, and merchandise to continuously drive sales, conversion, productivity, customer engagement, and overall business growth.

We are that partner. Your partner.

there is no retail apocalypse, just a retail awakening
What We’re Focused On

As your Strategic Business Partner, our
immediate focus areas shift and evolve as our industry does

Here are the areas we’re prioritizing action to right now in retail businesses

Omnichannel Strategy

When the Coronavirus impact first hit, the businesses hit hardest were ones with only one sales channel. Being omnichannel, having multiple streams of income within the business, is no longer negotiable.

Humanizing The Brand

Consumers first demanded supply chain transparency. With the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, consumers now also demand transparency of your company values.

Diversifying Product Portfolios

What percentage of brands carried are indie brands? Brands founded by people of color? This can no longer be an afterthought or a part of your future strategy. The future is now.

Localization Strategy

The Coronavirus severely disrupted supply chains worldwide - but a brand's biggest asset in this time is local businesses. Curating localized product assortments and developing a domestic supply chain is a must.

Cash Flow Management

The Coronavirus exposed just how many businesses are operating cash poor and have lackluster or nonexistent inventory strategies in place. Inventory is a brand's biggest asset and will make or break the business if mishandled.

Future-proofing The Business

Many businesses didn't have contingency plans in place in case of an unthinkable disaster. We focus on ensuring brands have a solid, unshakable foundation for anything that may come their way.

Passionate About The Future Of Retail

Meet the team proving retail is
not dead every single day


DeAnna McIntosh

Global Retail Strategy
Rachel Williamson, Store Operations Consultant

Rachel Williamson

Store Operations
Felicia Loewy, Product Development

Felicia Loewy

Product Development
Darlene Mitchell, Inventory Planning

Darlene Mitchell

Inventory Planning
Pat R, Graphic & Web Designer

Patrick Romuald

Visuals Design
Anastasia S. Graphic Designer

Anastasia Sidenko

Visuals Design
Jeke R. Store Operations

Jeke Ramos

Merchandising + Operations
Picolo Diop, Director, Style and Trend

Picolo Diop

Global Sourcing

Meet Our Founder, DeAnna McIntosh

DeAnna McIntosh, Retail and E-commerce Consultant, Expert, Speaker

DeAnna McIntosh

Founder, Global Retail + E-commerce Consultant

DeAnna McIntosh leads the team at The Affinity Group International (TAGI). Her proven success as a Buyer, Strategy Manager, and Merchandise Director inside numerous brands like Chico’s, Office Depot, and Home Depot, drove her to open TAGI to duplicate these same successes for small retail businesses.

With her strong eye for design and 14+ years of merchandising experience, she has launched numerous products into retail and e-commerce platforms – with one of the most notable driving a $1M incremental sales increase, and now a multi-million dollar merchandise program.

Her time inside these large retailers is what drives the service offering at TAGI.  She believes that the future of retail is small (businesses) and that they should be elevated in every aspect of the retail ecosystem.  After all, 98% of all retail companies are small businesses.

Passionate about elevating and innovating the retail experience at all stages of business development, DeAnna collaborated with other Retail Consultants to launch Retailing Evolved. Inside, DeAnna teaches the same merchandising strategies as the billion-dollar brands she’s worked for.

After the senseless murder of George Floyd, and seeing the awakening of retail companies to their own lack of diversity, DeAnna launched the Diversify Retail Initiative. This initiative is a path forward for open conversation, self-reflection, and most importantly, strategic action to increase diversity in all facets of the retail industry.

DeAnna is renowned for her collaborative and energetic work style, forward-thinking concepts, and conducting business with integrity and transparency. She and her team will bring priceless insight, original and actionable ideas, brilliant branding, organizational effectiveness, and sales-driving strategies to your company from day one.

Every day, through her work at TAGI, she strives to prove her motto, “Retail is not dead. It has evolved”. (She even has a t-shirt to prove it).

Our diverse, global team of millennial fashion graduates + seasoned Retail and E-commerce experts from all walks of life bring the fresh, strategically innovative, “up with the times” perspective that is ever so needed to not only be competitive, but to dominate today’s retail landscape.

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The impact of our Retail Consulting Firm expands beyond borders, our strategies are unprecedented, and methods sometimes unconventional – but this is what it takes to break out from the masses and become the retail destination you are purposed to be.

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