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Innovative Fabric Drives $1 Million In Incremental Retail Sales

Case Study


Innovative Fabric Drives $1 Million In Incremental Retail Sales



We were challenged with finding a way to refresh the No Iron Collection of woven tops, which typically consisted of 25 skus of tops in solid, print, and stripe no-iron fabric, and a mix of sleeve lengths and silhouettes.



We worked with the no iron fabric vendor on new technologies they had to determine which would bring the highest return on investment. We explored embossed, metallic yarn woven, cooling technology, but landed on no iron linen. Linen is a fabric most love-to-hate because of how easily it wrinkles. We developed one silhouette in 5 colors and launched Chico’s first ever no iron linen collection.




These 5 skus of the first-ever No-Iron linen drove an incremental $1 Million dollars in sales. Now, seven years later, the collection has been trademarked and is a multi-million dollar collection for Chico’s Resort / Spring / Summer collections. It has expanded into patterns, prints, and multiple silhouettes.


DeAnna has clearly demonstrated her professionalism during our collaboration. She has been open to new ideas, willing to explore win-win solutions, not only solving problems but at the same time creating values to both parties. I personally look forward to having a chance to work with her again.

– Ben Tsui, VP Customer Engagement, TAL Apparel


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DeAnna McIntosh, Global Retail Consultant at The Affinity Group International, is a driven, entrepreneurial, and creative Consultant with a strong eye for design, and over 16+ years of progressive experience in retail merchandising, marketing, and event management. Her proven results as a strategist for numerous Fortune-ranking retailers will drive tangible growth for your business from day one. In addition to TAGI, she coaches small businesses directly inside her Storefront Success™ program. Apply at www.storefrontsuccess.com.

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