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Covid impact on retail

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The Covid Comeback

We help your retailers get back to business, stronger than before Covid, and focused on long-term strategic growth.

Here's what Covid taught the world

Develop Domestic Supply Chains

Coronavirus exposed how heavily some countries' supply chains are dependent on other countries - and the threat this poses when huge shifts happen in commerce. Strengthening domestic supply chains is essential.

Dependence On One Industry Is Dangerous

Countries where tourism is 50%+ of GDP were hit hard by the pandemic as traveling came to a halt. Building their retail economy presents a huge opportunity to lessen the reliability on tourism and grow the local economy.

Having A Contingency Plan Is Critical

Businesses must have contingency plans in place in order to run their businesses proactively versus re-actively. These plans enable them to be flexible and strategic when things happen beyond their control.

Being Omnichannel Is Non-negotiable

Retailers who were already selling through multiple sales channels were able to adapt quicker to pivoting their business model when brick and mortar stores were forced to close. Having an online presence is essential.

Covid impact on retail
Revitalizing Retail

The Future of Retail Is Small (Businesses).

98% of all retail companies are small businesses, so ensuring they have the strategies to succeed in our current environment has never been more dire. The Revitalize Retail® Program is designed to equip your retailers with the same sales-driving strategies that billion dollar brands utilize in their daily business operations. We teach core retail fundamental strategies that are almost always missing from small businesses' operations that they must have in place to thrive in today's retail landscape. Our Retail Experts have over 100+ combined years of retail experience leading Fortune-ranking retailers and bring that expertise directly to your businesses.

Our Program Details

The Revitalize Retail® Program has
3 core elements.

All of which can be customized to meet your objectives.
Retail Training
During our discovery call, we discuss the most immediate knowledge gaps for your retailers, which we design our training around.
  • You will see in the next section of this page what we perceive those immediate focus areas to be based on our extensive industry experience
  • We provide some preliminary questions for the retailers to include as a part of the training registration
  • Training is currently offered virtually via video, and can be either live or pre-recorded.  We can’t wait to be able to travel to you again!
  • The training is facilitated through 4, 60 minute sessions
  • After the second training session, we hold 20 minute one-on-one calls with up to 30 entrepreneurs to ensure they are engaged and successfully executing the content
  • All training is accompanied by a strategy workbook for your retailers to utilize to build / enhance their strategic plan based on their work with us
Retail Mentorship
After training is complete, we begin mentoring the trainees to ensure their success in implementing the strategies they learned.
  • In Week 4 Post-training, we host a 30-day group check-in call to evaluate their progress
  • There are additional mentorship options you may add to enrich the program experience
Revitalization Plan
Now that we’ve gotten to know some of your retailers and understand their biggest hurdles and opportunities, we create our revitalization plan.
  • In Week 5 Post-training, we will send you a list of recommendations on how to revitalize your retail industry and encourage new entrants to the market
  • Because traveling is limited right now, this portion will be done virtually via video.  It is preferred to be in person so we can physically show you our recommendations for different areas

All program details can be customized to best fit your needs.

01 Training Focus Areas

Our Revitalize Retail® Program focus areas shift and evolve as our industry does.

Here are the areas we’re prioritizing action to right now in retail businesses

Diversifying Product Portfolios

What percentage of brands carried are indie brands? Brands founded by people of color? This can no longer be an afterthought or a part of your future strategy. The future is now.

Humanizing The Brand

Consumers first demanded supply chain transparency. With the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, consumers now also demand transparency of your company values.

Omnichannel Strategy

When the Coronavirus impact hit, the businesses hit hardest were ones with only one sales channel. Being omnichannel, having multiple streams of income within the business, is non-negotiable.

Localization Strategy

The Coronavirus severely disrupted supply chains worldwide - but a brand's biggest asset in this time is local businesses. Curating localized product assortments and developing a domestic supply chain is a must.

Cash Flow Management

The Coronavirus exposed just how many businesses are operating cash poor and have lackluster or nonexistent inventory strategies in place. Inventory is a brand's biggest asset and will make or break the business if mishandled.


Many businesses didn't have contingency plans in place in case of an unthinkable disaster. We focus on ensuring brands have a solid, unshakable foundation for anything that may come their way.

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