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DeAnna McIntosh

Founder, Global Retail Consultant
Your next In-person or Virtual Speaker who will not only motivate and empower your audience to continue fighting for their businesses…
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DeAnna presenting at Shopify Atlanta 2020
Speaking Topics

DeAnna’s talks evolve to reflect current trending topics in our industry and inspire forward-thinking strategic action

Keynote Presentation

Retail Is Not Dead. It Is Evolving.

If you look at headlines in the media about the retail industry, you would think there is a retail apocalypse going on. However, the vast majority of those headlines are about large corporations, which in reality make up about 2% of all retail companies. In fact, there isn’t an apocalypse, but rather a renewed focus on the retail majority – small businesses! Oftentimes business owners and internal teams operate in “tunnel vision” mode and aren’t looking up to see what is actually happening and evolving in our industry so they can ensure that they too evolve with it. During this talk, DeAnna uncovers rarely covered realities of the current state of the industry (that are quite positive), debunks the apocalypse with research and facts, and highlights innovation and forward-thinking companies to follow.

Keynote Presentation

5 Ways To Future-Proof Your Retail Business

Witnessing the collapse of iconic brands and retailers due to the Covid-19 impact is a wake up call to the retail industry on many levels – one of which was how so many companies are operating on little cash. Another, was that shockingly, there are many brick and mortar store with zero online presence. During this talk, DeAnna discusses how to create a solid and unshakable business foundation and advanced preparation for anything that may come their way.

Fireside Chat, Panel

Diversity in Retail

Consumers are now demanding transparency about more than just brands and retailers’ supply chains. They want to know what their company values are, and if companies take action – putting their money and long-term plans towards living these values. During this talk, DeAnna will lead an open, two-way conversation about diversity in retail and provide tangible ways retailers can diversify their product assortments, content, marketing efforts, and staff.

Keynote Presentation

Curating The Perfect Product Assortment

Designing and buying products your customers will crave is both an art and a science. The art is having the impeccable fashion eye to be able to spot and forecast trends before they happen and then to curate an assortment of products based on those trends and sales history. The science is the extensive analysis required to determine financial target (how much to buy), sku plans (how many to buy), and assortment plans (what to buy). During this talk, DeAnna breaks down the key elements that are essential to making profit-driven product decisions.

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If there is a specific subject area related to retail and e-commerce that you would like our team to design a presentation for, we would be happy to. We also design multi-week training programs for retailers that are utilized by Economic Development Offices, and other companies in the business of equipping retail businesses around the world with strategies to thrive. Send us your training program requirements and we will send you a proposal within 3 business days.

DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Consultant, Retailing Evolved, Diversify Retail

DeAnna McIntosh

Founder, Global Retail Consultant
DeAnna McIntosh is a trend-setting, results-driven Retail Consultant with 14+ years of experience helping brands drive sales, conversion, productivity, innovation, and engagement.

With a strong eye for design and years of corporate merchandising experience, she has launched numerous products into retail and e-commerce platforms – with one of the most notable being the Chico’s No Iron Linen Collection, driving a $1M incremental sales increase, and now a multi-million dollar program.  DeAnna also curated the first ever “shop local” assortment initiative at Office Depot, merchandising 10+ local Austin, Texas brands inside the 13 area stores, including consumer favorites Epic Provisions and Chameleon Coffee.

DeAnna is the Founder and Global Retail at The Affinity Group International, where she is actively moving the retail industry forward through strategically building and strengthening the independent retail economy in both developed and emerging markets.

Passionate about innovating the retail experience at all stages of business development, DeAnna collaborated with other Retail Consultants to launch the Retailing Evolved community. Inside, she teaches indie brands and boutiques the same merchandising strategies used inside the billion dollar brands she’s worked for.

After the senseless murder of George Floyd, and seeing the awakening of retail companies to their own lack of diversity, DeAnna launched the nonprofit Diversify Retail Inc. to connect two communities she loves to drive change – the retail community and the communities of color.

DeAnna is a Thought Leader and Change Maker, often called upon to speak and inspire audiences that the future that retail is in their grasp.

She is renowned for her collaborative and energetic work style, innovation, and conducting business with integrity and transparency. DeAnna and her team will bring priceless insight, original and actionable ideas, brilliant branding, organizational effectiveness, and sales-driving strategies to your company from day one.

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